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Freight transport

Xausa Sped

The freight signed Xausa Sped.

Xausa Sped is committed to providing freight forwarding services of the highest quality and efficiency in the Northern Italy area, as indicated in the map above. The legend also indicates the periodicity with which the transports are carried out.

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Groupage Service

Have you got batched goods to ship? The Xausa Sped Groupage service operates in Northern Italy
More and more often, it occurs to have small batched goods to ship, worrying about the shipment cost.
Do not be concerned because Xausa Sped offers you the Groupage service all over northern Italy, a simple solution that allows you to significantly reduce the shipping cost of small lots of goods.
This is how the Xausa SpedGroupage Service works:

We withdraw small amounts from various clients that are to be sent to different recipients.
Once the items are taken into the storage, the “consolidation” phase begins. We separate the goods based on the destination so that we can assemble more manageable cargo units. We pay close attention to combining goods taking in consideration size, product category and reference standards. This allows us to preserve the integrity of the goods and prevent damage
We put together the deliveries based on geographical areas to optimize transportation costs and the following day we hand back the products to the shippers.

Groupage is a service that requires speed and close attention. Groupage is a service that requires speed and close attention. That is why we are proud to recommend it to our clients, we have the confidence to guarantee a highly specialized, economic and always punctual solution.

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