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The fleet

Our vehicle fleet

Xausa sped wants to provide excellent services with the best means of transport.
To achieve all this, we have a wide range of articulated trucks all with engines from Euro 6 to Euro 6D, to ensure the lowest possible CO2 emissions and to keep up with new technologies.
All vehicles are equipped with satellite navigators, so that you can always get to your exact destination without wasting time. They also have a satellite tracker, so that you know the exact position of your goods step by step along the way. Our 5.00 m tractors are not subject to traffic restrictions during the days when there is a traffic ban (usually placed for vehicles over 75 quintals). The vehicles are all covered – discover, therefore they can be loaded both from the side and from above, to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods, thus optimizing our and your work.


Useful measures
400 mt
18 mc
8 plt
400x210x220 Van + Hydraulic bridge
500 mt
25 mc
10 plt
500x210x245 Van