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X – Group

Space for logistics. With us your goods stay in safe places.

However, Xausa Sped is not limited to transport by road and sea, it tries to provide solutions to the most demanding customers by skilfully juggling container consolidation, palletizing and temporary stopover services. Each of these services, made available to you with the sole purpose of making your and our success in the sector possible, without disregarding any expectations.

Experience and technology

Our services are able to satisfy the needs of the companies that have chosen to proceed to the outsourcing of their storage and shipping management, but still keeping the possibility to monitor and check the product handling. The reception, internal handling and assembling organizational processes are supervised by our operators at all times.

Data transparency

The efficiency levels of the working cycle, the respect of the programmes and the agreed execution time are documented and can be constantly monitored on our online portals. By using secure computer systems, our clients can verify the stock levels, provide new operational measures and make sure that every shipment has been assembled and delivered within the time and in the manner agreed-upon.

Product safety

Our modern and spacious facilities are equipped with appropriate anti-theft, anti-intrusion systems and fire-fighting technologies. Along with physical safeguard, the protection of the stocked values is guaranteed by the insurance policy stipulated with a primary, world-class company.

Make your request

At your disposal for any request for information or intervention for your shipments